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Imagining Lichens

Dr M has previously posted here about “Imagining Science”  a living Science-art collaboration. The next collaborative project for Reading Science Week 2014  is entitled “Symbiosis” and is about art-science relationships and uses lichens – the weird wonderful complex plant-fungus dual organisms – as a source of inspiration!

Symbiosis is a collaboration between Immy Smith an artist and neuroscientist from the University of Reading and other artists from local communities and all over the world. Symbiosis is also working with the University of Reading Herbarium where Dr M met Immy Smith in action working on one of her meticulous and imaginative artworks of a lichen in the genus Ochrolechia tartarea (one of the ‘cudbear’ species used in dye-making) shown in the pictures in this post.

Dr M is particularly fond of lichens and is highly intrigued and fascinated by this project and looking forward to hearing more from Immy Smith and collaborators and participating in Reading Science Week in March 2014.

More stories on Symbiosis and Reading Science Week coming to drmgoeswild.com soon…


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