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Spring is: more than 50 shades of green!

Did you notice this last weekend (mid April) was the first real sign that the countryside is awakening from its winter slumbers and the trees are coming into glorious leaf? Certainly Dr M saw that it was so in and around Reading and across into Wales.

That transition – from the starkly beautiful bare twigs on tree and hedge to the emerging haze green shoots – is always a great joy to Dr M!

More than 50 shades of green as each individual tree and shrub species comes into leaf in its own way!

And as the season progresses these merge and homogenise into fewer shades as the shoots and leaves mature!

So get thee out there into the April sunshine (or showers!), into your garden, local park or the wider countryside, and feast your eyes on the burgeoning diversity of greenness – this the most glorious of the glories of Spring!

Here, to whet your appetite, are just a few examples from the University of Reading’s green campus!





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