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Meadow Foxtail has all the anthers…

Meadow Foxtail (Alopecurus pratensis) on the University of Reading campus is now looking splendid with a myriad anthers protruding from the spikelets (the grass flowers) in this characteristic spike-like inflorescence.  In the previous Foxtail post Dr M promised to explain more about the diverse types of grass inflorescence, all of which are variations on what, in botanical terms, is known as a panicle, it’s a fascinating and slightly complex story, watch this space!

If you want to know more now!  Why not come along to the University of Reading Bioblitz on Saturday 8th June 2013, where you can meet Dr M and join his guided walk looking at Poaceae: a family of grasses green and wonderful!



  • Ingrid

    I see you’re running a course on introductory grass identification will they all still be flowering in August?

  • DrM

    August is quite late in the year for grasses but there will be enough for a good introduction, and we will be looking at vegetative characters as well so there will be plenty to keep us busy!

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