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Forget Brexit, here is Dr M’s 52% leaves quiz!

OK, so amidst all the hype, the story telling, the agony and the extacy, it’s great to know that we can still rely on plants to pull us through!

So in the spirit of Brexit, Dr M offers his 52% leaves quiz, fifty-two of the finest British, European and International leaves for your botanical edification and welcome distraction!

These 52 leaves were all found in the lovely grounds of The Hawkhills centre where Dr M joined the Gatsby Plant Sciences Summer School in June.

See how many you recognise, there is a cosmopolitan collection as befits us here in the UK, so this is a good one for the hortics too, family or genus is enough (unless you know more!) and common or Latin names all welcome!

Check back soon for the results, no weeping and wailing and gnashing of Brexit teeth, no endless political commentary and conjecture, just pure, unalloyed, good honest botany!

 Dr M says: When you’ve had a go, check the answers here.



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